News Highlights: Finally, the Government of India took a commendable reformation in the education system on 30th July 2020. It is the

News Highlights The NDHM (National digital and health mission) aims to ‘liberate’ 1.35 billion Indian citizens from the various health challenges. They

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans taught leadership quality through examples. By narrating the schooling of persian boys, it was shown

The evolution of social entrepreneurship is a challenging concept in any country. Researchers have a different idea regarding the term social entrepreneurship.

Key highlights During covid-19 pandemic, clearances were granted through a virtual platform in Goa. A group including environmentalists, students and professionals are

Community, society and humanity all these three words are interconnected with each other. What is humanity? At some point in your life,

Understanding the role of youth in any country is essential. We invest in children to make them successful while they are young.

News Highlights:  “NEP 2020 will act as an instrument of change that will lay a strong foundation on which the future of

We all are aware of IT startups, healthcare startups, digital marketing startups, but what we hardly hear about social startups. Well, it

Form 10BD is a statement of donations containing the details of donations which was received by the Charitable Organizations during the financial

An End-to-End Guide Defining The Concept of Social Leadership In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans taught leadership quality through examples. By

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If you are an entrepreneur who works for sustainable development, join Social Pillars and shout out your contribution to the world. You

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