Community, society and humanity all these three words are interconnected with each other. What is humanity? At some point in your life, you all have listened to the epic book Ramayana, the story of Lord Rama. Also, everyone is familiar with Lord Krishna and his contribution to society and humanity. Every person worships them. Do we ever try to be like them? We are not God, but at least we can learn humanity from them.

Lord Rama was the Apotheosis of human perfection. He had his principles, and he followed them with determination. Everyone at that time loved him, whether rich or poor. In this era, people watch Ramayana every time, but where are the principles which Lord Rama followed?

Are you watching just for some drama, or you want to be like him? It is all about Lord Rama. Some people worship Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna always chooses the path of “right.” He never hurt anyone and gave his 100% in vanishing the evil.

We all watch them, but only a few dare to follow the right. All that we have to do is show some humanity and love towards our community. In this article, you will get to know everything about community service and how it is a journey towards a better world. First, let us look at the meaning of humanity, which most people have forgotten.


Humanity has two meanings, first the species, i.e., homosepians. The second meaning of humanity is ethical behaviour. Society should be the primary purpose of human beings. Humans should have compassion and kindness towards one another.

If you people think, you have the feeling of humanity. So take a step forward towards serving the community. Only human beings are a species that have all the powers. However, we do not correctly use these powers.

If we wish that our future generations should live peacefully, it is time to help society and serve the community.

Let’s check out the five best ways to serve the community:

Five Ways to Serve Your Community; You Only Need Humanity To Start

Donate Blood: It Is A Healthy Habit

Blood is the most critical fluid in any living body. It helps in the smooth functioning of organs. If anyone loses blood, the person may die or suffer from a severe disease. Blood donation is a life-saving process. For spreading awareness, we celebrate the world blood donor day too. It is also a way of showing some humanity and kindness.

We should not only donate blood ourselves but spread awareness whenever possible.  The best way is to join any blood donation camp nearby or several mobile organizations that offer immediate help to the needy.

Keeping Your Surroundings Clean: It Won’t Cost You Anything

For living a better and healthy life, the surroundings should be clean and hygienic. We can see a lot of litter and garbage in public places. Despite knowing the side effects of littering, we hardly care. It causes land, air, water and all possible types of pollution.

We, the humans, make use of plastic bags that are not soluble and cause waterlogging. All these things are significantly affecting nature. For happy lives, dirtying the surroundings is not the way.

Greener surroundings look more phenomenal and help all the species to live healthily. Try to plant more trees instead of trashing your garbage on roads or any public place.

Start With Surroundings: You Know Your Neighbourhood Better

Every good deed begins at home. According to the research, being neighbourly is continuously declining. Studies reveal interactions increase life satisfaction. There are several ways to help your neighbour.

Check out a few of them below:

  • Initiate fundraising for your neighbours if they are suffering financially
  • Start carpooling in your area. Share rides with your neighbours working or going to the same place.
  • Join community organizations. It is the best way to understand the existing issues in your neighbourhood and come up with ideas to resolve the same.

These are only some of the examples. When you start socializing, you can come up with more ways to meet the growing needs of the community.

Random Act of Kindness: Will Not Make You Miser

The community and society have become very cruel. People should have something good in their lives, to keep motivated. Kindness is always a trending thing. Every person still loves people forwarding a helping hand with a smile.

A kind person is always a winner in their life. Now it is time for us to show some positive sides. You don’t always need money to show kindness. All you need is some emotions towards living species. Try to follow a code of conduct in your life to live an unmatched experience.

Performing acts of kindness; will surely help your soul instead of destroying. Stop criticizing people for their flaws; you are killing their hopes.

Volunteer in Foodbanks or Local Kitchens: Get A Better Hobby

According to the statistics, humans waste 1.3 billion tons of food every year. About 800 million people do not have any access to food. The statistics show that if we save only one-third of the food we waste, no human will sleep on an empty stomach.  After analyzing the above information, we still do not take enough steps to improve our habits.

Distribution or sharing of food is the most convenient solution to the problem. Do not just donate blindly. Take out some time to feed the hungry.

Let the food you donate reach the needy. Hunger destroys mental and physical health, both equivalently. If we want to help these people suffering from hunger, we can volunteer to donate food, plan our food-drives, and more.

Several organizations have tie-ups with restaurants and food places. If they have any leftovers, they inform these organizations, and the volunteers distribute the food to the hungry and needy people.

One such organization is the Robinhood army in India. It is a great initiative. Hunger can put lives in danger. Your small moves can help you save your countrymen. The choice is yours, a useless hour browsing social media or a few useful minutes in safeguarding human lives.

Given above are the five best ways to serve your community, or say the most feasible ones. Choose one that suits you the most. It is our duty to make the community stronger. Perform all the acts which will benefit you, your future generation, society and the nation.


Life is all about karma. All the living organisms on this earth are puppets of God. It is our privilege to experience human life. Each one has different phases in their lives.

When we can enjoy the celebrations during the happiness of our close ones, why can’t we be with them at the time of hurdles? All of us are children of God, and it is our responsibility to help each other irrespective of caste, colour, gender or sex.

The Social Pillars team is here to bridge the gap between your thoughts and deeds. The time to think is over; it is time to act.

Community service is a journey towards a better world. 

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