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About Us

About Social Pillars

The survival of Earth or Human Societies is possible only through sustainable development. When every country is striving hard to achieve sustainable development goals, are we doing anything individually for being a part of human survival? Well, are you confused; How can you contribute to sustainable development? How can you be a more abundant resource to mother earth and, above all, your community? Well, Social Pillars is here to answer all your interrogations.

What Is "The Social Pillars"?

Social Pillars is an online community platform offering one-stop networking solutions for Non-Government Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Social Startups, Individuals, and everyone else striving for global upliftment.

The Objective of Social Pillars:

We aim at ending the sufferings and nurturing all the lives on this Earth equally for today and tomorrow.


How Do We Plan To Achieve
The Objective of The Social Pillars?

Our team has a strategy of achieving our objectives by working on the four primary pillars of sustainable development. It includes:





Keeping in mind all the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the UN, we emphasize the theory of Partnership For Achieving The Goals. So, here our platform allows every individual & organization to collaborate and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.


Different Roles/Causes

  • Create and share all their activities, events relating to our platform relating to different objectives of sustainable development.
  • Define the challenges that you face in achieving the objectives of your social organizations.
  • Mention your requirement to overcome those challenges.
  • Ensure that all your activities do not harm any community, nature, or individual; if you take no step to help them.
  • Participate in different volunteering opportunities around you by joining hands with other organizations that are in need.
  • Please contribute to the needy, be it in the form of goods, funds or time.
  • Be a part of small drives initiated by The Social Pillars for saving trees, water, stray animals, and more.
  • Start your own campaigns, keeping in mind the global sustainable development goals.
  • For Organizations:
    We go through your pain points and try to provide you with the solutions. When you are working in collaboration with Social Pillars, you will never struggle to find volunteers.

    P.S. We can help you find technical, non-technical, online, and offline volunteers as per your requirement.

  • For Individuals:
    Most of us wish to help our community, but we wonder how? If you plan the same by joining an NGO, then how to check the credibility? If we decide to donate, then how to ensure if the goods or money are used for the right purpose?
    Well, The Social Pillars is here to connect you with the right people, the right organization, and most importantly, the right motive depending upon your time availability, skills, as well as interests.

    P.S. Students and Corporate individuals looking forward to building their social profiles can make the most out of it.

    In short, The Social Pillars platform fills the gap between the organizations & individuals and helps them find each other to work together for a common vision.

The Vision of The Social Pillars:

To convert the societal sketch of our imagination into reality.

Each one of us looks forward to a world of peace, equality, and harmony. We all wish to eliminate the existing social issues like pollution, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and more. You might even be making efforts to change the scenario within your reach. We appreciate you and feel if we join hands, we can work better. Social Pillars aims at uniting all the individual minds and organizations working for social betterment and introducing the desired change at the earliest possible.

The Values of The Social Pillars:

  • We do not focus on saying but doing; we are action-oriented
  • Our focus is working for better living of all that contains life
  • Society shall be equal for all irrespective of monetary, gender, race, or any other factor
  • Creating happiness and spreading smiles
  • The organizations working for the betterment of the country or world should never struggle with resources

The Driving Force Of The Social Pillars:

The Driving Force of Social Pillars is the existing scenario of our surroundings. The air is not breathable; crime is not controllable; safety is not insurable; children’s future is not secure due to lack of education, and much more.

If a step is not taken today to achieve the sustainable development goals, we are pushing our future in the dark.

Why Social Pillars?

Social Pillars are essential for a better life today, tomorrow, and forever. It is important to get rid of all the invalid and anti-social grounds that impact life on this planet and the life of the planet.

In short, “The Social Pillars” is the need of the hour for our existence.

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