Herbal Garden Scheme India is known for its Ayurveda, its use of medicinal plants, and effective home remedies to cure harmful diseases.

Mahila Commando Programme has been launched and the first webinar was completed on 26th November. 137 NGO’s has been registered for this

The planet is our first home; it needs much more maintenance for its existence, compared to the efforts we put into its

Introduction: Before we start with the acknowledgement of Right to Education or why education is essential; we need to understand What is

The Mahila Commando is a social initiative by Padmashri Shamshad Begum, who is also a reputed member of the World Peace Council

When we talk about Women Empowerment in India, there exists not one but multiple concerns. It is about social, political, health, and

Given the current uncertain circumstances, a ‘safe’ city is a prerequisite for all the countries in the world to foster and create

  “Great Achievements come after Great Efforts and Sacrifices.” While we all understand the significance of India’s fourth highest civilian award- Padma

You might be wondering what the most sustainable development goals are. This article gives you a breakdown of the most popular sustainable

Whether you are interested in volunteering or just learning more about the subject of community service, there is a lot to find

You might be familiar with the term “willing volunteer” – someone who is only nominally committed to their work, but they help

India is a developing country with high rates of unemployment and poverty. Yet, India’s citizens create many charities and non-profits to help

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