environment education in india

Why Is There a Need for Environment Education in India?

The planet is our first home; it needs much more maintenance for its existence, compared to the efforts we put into its destruction The environment is the only source of the water we drink, the food we eat, and, most importantly, the shelter for living. In short, it accomplishes our primary requirements in life.  However, […]

right to education

Education: The Right and Need For All

Introduction: Before we start with the acknowledgement of Right to Education or why education is essential; we need to understand What is education?  “Education refers to a predefined process of learning. It includes a combination of skills, knowledge, values, beliefs, habits; in short, a complete curriculum to build a human personality”.  “Education is about receiving […]

Mahila Commando – An Initiative by Padmashri Shamshad Begum

The Mahila Commando is a social initiative by Padmashri Shamshad Begum, who is also a reputed member of the World Peace Council in India.  Out of her multiple endeavors, Mahila Commando is an imagination that has entirely changed the social scenario. She commenced the idea from a small district Gunderdehi of Balod, Chhattisgarh. But, there […]

women empowerment in india

Why There is a Need For Women Empowerment in India?

When we talk about Women Empowerment in India, there exists not one but multiple concerns. It is about social, political, health, and economic status. We talk about gender equality, but still, all this remains restricted to words.  Each one of us can sense the differences, but are we seeking enough steps to grant women the […]

meri saheli

Meri Saheli Initiative – A Big Step Towards Women Safety.

‘MERI SAHELI’ programme launched by Railway Protection Force of Indian railways to ensure the safety of women passengers during the entire journey. According to the reports, the passenger count increases at railways stations at the time of the festive season. Reviewing this Indian railway have started to take initiatives regarding crowd management and passenger security. […]