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Why There is a Need For Women Empowerment in India?

When we talk about Women Empowerment in India, there exists not one but multiple concerns. It is about social, political, health, and economic status. We talk about gender equality, but still, all this remains restricted to words. 

Each one of us can sense the differences, but are we seeking enough steps to grant women the life they deserve? NO. It’s a big no. Undoubtedly the condition of the woman is better over the years in India, but it is still not ideal 

Whenever given an opportunity, women perform much better than men. We can consider the example of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, who became the first leader to make her country win over the Global Pandemic Covid-19. 

While the top leaders of the most developed countries are still in confusion about how to get hold of the situation, she has already won over things. Life, the economy, and everything else are on track. 

It is just one current example; we have several others, where women perform much better. 

Why Women Empowerment?

Do you have a habit of checking your newspaper every day? There is not a single day when you do not have news of Rape. Rape is the most common crime in India. Apart from that, other things include:

  • Violence against women
  • Dowry
  • Deaths due to dowry
  • Domestic violence
  • Child trafficking 
  • Forced marriage
  • Child marriage
  • Child labor
  • Acid attacks
  • Sexual injustice
  • Lack of education
  • Female infanticide
  • Forced Prostitution
  • Modesty Insult
  • Honor killings
  • Parda system

And the list is never-ending. Are these reasons not enough for us to work for women empowerment? When it is to Women Empowerment in India, the country ranks 112th position for the same. The country is in the bottom five countries when it comes to the gender gap. 

One thing is sure until we start focusing on the Importance of Women Empowerment, we cannot think about the overall development of our country. 

If we check the statistics of the condition of women, then the scenario can leave you in tears, agony, and pain. Any woman who does not struggle or suffer any of the prevailing issues of the society in India is blessed. 

We at Social Pillars are now ready to take action to support Women and Development in India. Are you an NGO For Women or an individual who cannot see the suffering anymore; join hands with us today?

Necessary Steps For Women Empowerment in India:

The Government of India is taking several actions for Women Empowerment in India. We can also see various Women Empowerment NGO working around us, but the question arises; Are these steps enough to get the solution? 

The bitter reality is NO. We cannot expect a change in the condition of women until we develop thoughts of equality in every mind. Without a doubt, Change Starts With You. So, if you wish to work for Women Empowerment, you need to put effort into the women of your family first. 

Do not wait for the government or social influencers to make the change. If all of us take a vow to introduce a difference in our family, we can make it happen. How and What can you do for the empowerment of women in India?

  • Education: 

The education of a girl child is a significant concern in India. Where the literacy rate of males is 82%, the education percentage of that women is only two-thirds of it.  

So, you should change your perception and begin the revolution at your home. Irrespective of the trend around you, make sure you make your children study. Doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy, keep the same rules for both.

  • Grant Independence:

Never restrict your girl child from dreaming and doing. Add wings to her dreams. Whether it is sports, arts, education, job, or marriage, you shall give her all the rights to make her decisions. 

From the day, girls are born; First, they have to seek permission from their fathers, brothers, and later their husbands and in-laws. So, break this chain. If you give the liberty to boys to proceed in their life as per their dreams, allow the same for girls. 

  • Invest in Their Career:

One of the worst things in India is dowry. It is one of the reasons for the worst tradition or ritual that leads to maximum crimes against women. So, if you wish to set an example for Women Empowerment in India start investing in your girl’s career. 

Do not save for marriage, but save and invest in making her financially self-sufficient. Choose a man that can give her a good life and respect. Do not go with someone who marries her for the greed of money. 

  • Give Them a Chance To Build Social Network:

Stop considering women as a decorative jewel of your home. She is not born to remain inside those four walls and spend the rest of her life serving the men at your home. 

Allow her to connect with people around them, and let her be aware of their surroundings. It will keep her updated. She will know about the current happenings and can decide better how she wishes to live her life. 

  • Make Her Upfront and Add All The Power to Her:

Most the Indian families are responsible for the wrongs done to their girls. It is because they teach their girls to be silent against all the violence.

 If a girl suffers abuse, she is asked not to approach the police due to fear of society. She is asked to stay with her in-laws even if she is going through domestic violence. 

It is good to teach ethics and morals to your children, but it is wrong to train them to bear the suffering. Teach her self-defense, ask her to raise her voice against violence, and stand for her respect. 

If as a mother and father, we cannot stand for your girl, do not expect society to accept her. Be proud of your girl. Give her all the strength and teach. It is essential to add skills to her for her financial independence so that she can match the steps with every competition irrespective of gender. 

Women Empowerment in India is not a day’s task. The social issue has long and dense roots. We all have to work together for years to improve the overall condition. 

Take an oath today, if you as a woman are suffering today; you will not let the same happen to your daughter. 

Wrapping Up:

Social Pillars wish to stand like a strong pillars to support all women and act as a protective shell for each of them. We are already progressive to work for women’s education, making a small contribution from our end. 

We are already in the field with various sets of actions to support Women and Development. 

If you wish to be a part of our journey, join NGOs and us around as volunteers. Every helping hand is essential. The contribution is never big or small. Even if we can change the thoughts of individuals, it matters to us.

What are your thoughts on Women Empowerment in India? Write to us, maybe you can help us work better. 

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