Community Advisors

A community grows and develops when like-minded people join hands for a cause. Social Pillars community is blessed to have true blue resource personnel who are continuously progressive on ground. Our Community Advisors are not only a guiding light for Social Pillars, but they are taking commendable steps within their reach to enhance the societal scenario. We are obliged to onboard Community Advisors of Social Pillars. Under their guidance can accomplish its vision sooner and better.


Community Advisors

Ramchandra P. Deshpande

  • Experience: Over 4 Decades
  • Specialty: Social Worker, Transforming Rural India, Child Education
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Amita Kumar

  • Experience: Two Decades
  • Specialty: Social Worker, Family Counselor, Pad Women of Chhatisgarh, Women Empowerment
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Harshit Kumar

  • Interest Area: Child Education
  • Social Work Experience: 6 years
  • Specialty: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Volunteering with NGOs, Spreading Awareness through Mass Communication
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Vaibhav Srivastava

  • Interest Area: Environment
  • Social Work Experience: 4 years
  • Specialty: Conducting Campaigns For Water Conservation and Pollution Control
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Chandan Mishra

  • Kernel Sphere: Social Welfare
  • Social Work Experience: 8+ Years
  • Specialty: Corporate Social Responsibility
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