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The NDHM (National digital and health mission) aims to ‘liberate’ 1.35 billion Indian citizens from the various health challenges. They try to help regularly through providing help from the right doctors, fixing an appointment, sky-rocketing consultation fees and making unnecessary rounds of the hospitals for prescription sheets and medication.

As a part of his impressive Independence Day speech, PM Modi announced his new campaign under which every Indian citizen would avail a health ID that will ease out the process of accessing medical services. Additionally, he also announced the big-plans of mass-producing the COVID-19 vaccine once all the tests are entirely successful. 

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What is this comprehensive National health ID system?

As per Modi News, the national health ID will store a repository of all health-associated problems and information of an individual. It will be a unique health identifier for an individual and will digitally record the health conditions with the patient’s consent. According to the NHA (National Health Authority), this system will allow for seamless flow of information related to health and will further let the government build up an integrated health information system to pass on the health benefits to the underprivileged. This unique health ID will be made by using an individual’s primary information, Aadhaar card details and phone number. 

What are the benefits of the integrated system?

In PM Narendra Modi’s opinion, this digital health profile will reduce the existing gap between the different stakeholders such as the hospitals, general practitioners, pharmacies, insurance companies, healthcare providers and the end-user, meaning the patient. The digital health ID will not only bring them all together by connecting them in integrated healthcare infrastructure, but at the same time, it will drastically reduce the issues faced by the people today in getting access to the healthcare facilities. The system aims to bring in efficiency as well as transparency in the healthcare services for India. 

COVID-19 vaccine in the making

On a related note, in his speech, PM Modi also discloses India’s plan at mass-producing the vaccine for COVID-19 once the test results are out successfully. There are three vaccines in various stages of testing, and Modiji reassures every Indian that we will win against this virus, and India will emerge stronger from the pandemic.

Our beloved PM Modi’s mind is full of optimism, vision and well-wishes. He is under the process of developing a big team that can tactfully and flawlessly fructify his visions in reality. That brings a ray of hope in our dull lives, Modiji! 

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