Role of Youth as Volunteers

Understanding the role of youth in any country is essential. We invest in children to make them successful while they are young. Every nation focuses on education so that the country has the best professionals and entrepreneurs.

In short, youth are the Social Pillars, who can build or destroy the nation. For the progress of society or country, we need the participation of youth in every domain.

Especially when we talk about Volunteering For The Community, youth shall always be ahead. You, as a youth, are the social capital of the country. When you consider your engagement in the social upliftment as your responsibility, the scenario of the society can change.

How Are Youth Volunteers Helpful in Better Community Building?

A successful person always sets an example for the community and establishes followers.

For, e.g., If you are a young entrepreneur, people will like to know your journey and consider your road as their pathway.

When you share that you educate underprivileged children in your free time to make society better, then people will not only follow your professional journey but your personal practices too.

It might be two hours a week, but when you engage yourself in Volunteer Opportunities, people will start following you. Even if you can change the mindset of one person, that can be a great help to society.

Now, the question is why Youth Volunteers?

Each country focuses on Youth Volunteers because youth is a trendsetter for children as well as adults. Whatever you do today, your upcoming generation will see and learn.

You can educate and enhance the chances of employment. You can promote equality for women on your social media handles, and thus creating awareness.

Plant trees on the occasion of any happiness for you or your family, it will save your environment. Every small move that you make to fight against social issues, it is a step towards social improvement.

You do not require millions of dollars or thousands of hours to create a difference. You just need a heart of humans and a sense of responsibility to make your society better.

Top Examples of Youth Volunteers in India and Volunteer Opportunities:

While you, me, and youth around us are dreaming of a better world, the doers around us have already hit the ground. Some of the great examples of the same include:

Pod Volunteers:

If you are an animal and children lover, you can find a suitable Volunteering For The Community with Pod Volunteers. It is an organization based in Udaipur, a beautiful city of Rajasthan.

The travellers who want to work for feeding animals, cleaning animal husbandry, help in the treatment of animals, or provide any kind of support can approach Pod Volunteers.

They provide shelter for more than 200 animals at present. This organization is doing very well for supporting underprivileged children too. Next time you plan traveling for mental peace, consider approaching Pod Volunteers, and make a difference to your society.

The Tarzan Way:

It is yet another example of Youth Volunteering in India. If you are a traveller, you will love this idea of volunteering. The Tarzan Way targets over 16 cities in India.

The youth travels to small towns, understand the culture there, find out the social issues, and plan ways to help the community. For long term projects, the volunteers stay there themselves, complete their project, and then shift to other destinations.

Social Travel by the Tarzan Way is one of the best Volunteer Opportunities, where all your things are taken care of by the organization while you are traveling. It is one of the finest ideas of nation-building captivating the interest of the youth as well as changing the existing social scenario.

Volunteering With India:

Volunteering with India is yet another initiation that aims at women empowerment. If you consider fulfilling the Volunteer Needs of this community, you are not supporting single, but multiple lives.

Working for women education means educating a family. She performs better in her family after schooling. She passes her knowledge to her children and contributes to being a responsible citizen of India.

This community engages not only national but international Youth Volunteers too.

There are several other examples of Youth Communities that work for sustainable development and better social life in our country. It includes:

  • YouSocial Volunteers
  • Youth International
  • Volunteer for Asia and Africa and much more

Social Pillars is also an initiation that helps to connect volunteers with social organizations so that they can accomplish their mission and vision in a better way.

How Can You Manage To Enrol And Work As a Youth Volunteer Without Disturbing Personal or Professional Life?

We, as a Youth, consider ourselves the busiest people on this earth. However, the factual survey conveys different statistics. The youth does not lack time but lacks discipline and time management.

The countries where youth take an interest in Volunteering For The Community progress three times faster compared to the countries where the youth do not understand their social responsibility.

If you wish to work for change, you just need to devote two to four hours a week. It is possible without disturbing your routine life. You can spend some time in the evening after your office or at weekends.

Most of the volunteers who are working in different domains say that they just reduced the time they spent on social media sites and started devoting the same for educating a child near them.

Some of them said they just fixed their sleeping schedule and realized they have ample time throughout the day. So, they enrolled in the Volunteering Opportunity near them. They can now spend one hour daily. It makes them feel more at peace and content, as they are contributing their part to society.

A study reveals that the youth working as volunteers have better mental health and a feeling of satisfaction. So, when you are helping less privileged people, you are helping yourself.

Your family, your children and you will get a better place for living. Your knowledge and wisdom improve through sharing. When you are aware of the ground reality, you probably realize how blessed life you are living.

Wrapping Up:

When you dress up with new clothes and enter in your luxurious car, you often fail to notice those helpless eyes on the streets. Those eyes stare at you with the expectation of help, as they might not even owe a pair of cloth to cover themselves on that winter nights.

You do not necessarily donate money or clothes. Still, if you understand your role as a volunteer and educate them, you are making them capable not to beg but earn their livelihood.

It is not the bank balance that makes you successful, but the blessings that you receive by changing lives adds worth to your existence.

Stay tuned with us in our journey of efforts to make the community around us better.

We are happy as we are doing our part. Are you?


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