Principals, the board of members and teachers of various schools are not in favour of postponing the CBSE board exams.

News Highlights:

The Delhi government initiated a letter to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) last month to conduct the board exams after May. There was also a request from the government to scale back the syllabus because schools are still not in action after the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, several school principals of the National Capital Region and other areas of the state are not supporting this decision. According to the principals, postponing exams will create hurdles for upcoming batches and also impact the curriculum for education entrance exams.

The Principal of Delhi International School says, “Postponing the Central Board exams will have a significant impact on students. We understand the whole session was all about the web learnings and learning tools by both the teachers and students, but still, there is no update on the reopening of schools.”

She added,“ Due to no information regarding the novel coronavirus vaccine, parents aren’t allowing their children to go to colleges and schools. Hence, wasting time again by delaying the board exams is not a wise solution”.


The principals of schools and teachers initiated a survey for the reopening of the schools and exams. Principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh and the President of Delhi Sahodaya School Complex, Alka Kapoor, said, ” The survey had an aim to know the opinion on when to conduct the exams? The suggestion from all the authorities was not to postpone the exams beyond march 15. CBSE board results for 12th grade and education entrance exams are interconnected; therefore, postponing the exams any longer can confuse”.

Sangeeta Hajrla, Principal, Delhi Public School, Indirapuram, says there is no reason for postponing the exams. The teachers and students have completed all the classes. Only the method is virtual. For the completion of the syllabus, we have the plans for tutorials accordingly.

As per the government guidelines, the syllabus is already less; there should be no further relaxation. More reduction in syllabus would create a gap between the understanding of concepts.”

“For planning the tutorial calendar, there was a prolonged meeting between the teachers and fogeys. Classes are aligned with the calendar. Extending would create a disturbance within the schedule of scholars and teachers.”

Concisely, everyone has the same opinion, and no one is in favour of postponing the exams.

In a Nutshell:

Due to the pandemic, for the 2020-21 school term, there are a lot of hindrances for classroom teaching.

The learning process in schools of Delhi may remain close till further updates.

All the schools across the nation are shut since March 16 to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. However, now we have overcome various restrictions in several phases of unlocking since June 8, but for schools, we might have to wait.

According to the ‘Unlock 5’ guidelines, outside containment zones, colleges, and other educational institutions can reopen with some precautionary measures.

For reopening the institutions, the final judgment depends on the states and Union Territories. For now, the Delhi government decides to shut the institutions until further orders.

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