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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “School students will have a curriculum which satisfies the goals of the new National Education Policy, by the year 2022.” The year, when India will celebrate its 75th year of Independence.  


  PM Narendra Modi brings into notice that the mark sheet has become a pressure for students. He also addressed, ‘NEP 2020 aims to remove the burden of education from students’.   While addressing the “School Education Conclave” organised by the Ministry of Education, PM Modi shared the following for NEP 2020. There will be:  

  • Reduction in the syllabus
  • Introduction to fun-based techniques of teaching, and
  • Discovery-based learning with full interaction

  The Prime Minister says, “NEP 2020 will create an entirely new experience.   The prime minister also mentioned that through the MyGov portal, the Ministry of Education had received 15 lakh suggestions for the implementation of NEP within a week. PM Narendra Modi also said, “The new curriculum will make the students future-ready and scientific. It will provide new skills to promote critical thinking, creativity, communication and curiosity to students.”   PM Narendra Modi also emphasised on the importance of teaching children in their mother tongue till class 5. He also stated that NEP 2020 would sow seeds for the new era.   He said that Indian languages should be promoted. No one can have an objection to this. Children can learn in any language whichever they find useful. The NEP does not restrict learning any language that children have to study English or any other international language.   Students should not have limited streams like commerce, humanities, science etc. Through NEP 2020 students can perform in any stream according to their aptitude and passion, he said.  


  • The NEP has aimed to prepare the syllabus that is reduced and focus on fundamentals.
  • “When India will celebrate its 75th year of Independence, then every student will be studying under guidelines given by the NEP. It is a collective responsibility of every citizen of the country.
  • In the current education system, the mark sheet has become a “pressure sheet” for students and “prestige sheet” for families. The focus of the student in such a condition is only gaining marks and not knowledge.
  • PM Modi addressed students to ask questions and be interactive. “A large section of students is kept away from the practical aspect of education. We often ignore vocational training. He says, “we need to sensitise our students.”

  According to PM Narendra Modi, the result is turning to terror. NEP 2020 will bring profound changes in the education system of the time. Now it’s time to see how it helps in a better future for students.  

Social Pillars’s Say:

  NEP 2020 seems to be a revolutionary change in the education system of India. Everyone is hopeful about it, and so are we.   Education has the power to make or break a country. Let us be optimistic that our upcoming generation can improve the existing socio-economic scenario through education empowerment.   Stay tuned for more updates. Till then, Keep Learning, Keep Growing.    


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