Everyone read about the pollution and its various forms through the mass media. Air pollution is one of these forms. Air pollution is the contamination of air through chemical or other substances. The survival of species becomes difficult when harmful gases or substances enter the atmosphere and harm the air quality.

In order to understand why air pollution is caused, one should know about the divisions.


Air pollution is classified into two types:


  • Visible air pollution: Visible air pollution is the pollution which can be seen. For example: at the time of Diwali festival you can see the smog in the air.
  • Invisible air pollution:  Invisible pollution cannot  be seen. For example: nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.


There are many sources through which air pollution is caused. These sources include natural as well as man-made sources.


There are many sources through which air pollution is caused. These sources include natural as well as man-made sources.




Natural sources of pollution include the gases released from the body of living organisms like carbon dioxide or methane, dust carried along with wind through different locations. Smoke from the combustion processes, volcanic eruptions, etc and also the emission of pollution comes under the natural sources.




These sources include pollution caused by vehicles, factories, building heatings systems, waste dumped in landfills, reaction of gases and chemicals, burning fuels such as dung or coal and many more.


Every country is facing the problem of air pollution. Everyone is finding the solution to protect the species and surrounding from the pollution. In this article you will get to know about the solutions to air pollution.


Let’s have a closer look at the solutions of air pollution




Reducing Emissions from Vehicles


Government’s first priority is to improve the air quality at the roadside to better protect the health of humans. All kinds of vehicles including commercial vehicles, goods vehicles, public transport, taxis, are the main sources for emitting air pollutants. In recent years, the government has implemented various measures and programmes to reduce vehicular air pollution. There are many ways through which the pollution at roadside can be controlled. Lets checkout the ways:


  • Replacement of catalytic converters and sensors of LPG taxis
  • Control on LPG and petrol vehicle emissions
  • Retrofitting Euro II and III diesel franchised buses with selective catalytic reduction devices (SCR)
  • Adoption of tighter vehicle emission standards


If the government will take these measures, it will help in reducing the pollution through vehicles.


Reduce shipping emissions


Avoid the use of empty container moves and it will help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).Reduce operational inefficiencies across company borders. These ways will help you to reduce emissions released from shipping.


Reducing Emissions from Industrial Sources and Power Plants


There is a need to control the air pollution caused by power plants, industrial sources, construction activities, petrol filling stations and dry-cleaning machines. Sulphur content should be reduced in the industrial fuel.


Various measures can be implemented to control emissions from power plants. Thee measures are listed below:


  • Adoption of best practicable means for emission control
  • Encouraging usage of natural gas for electricity generation,
  • Imposing stringent emission caps on power plants
  • Incentivizing the two local power companies to promote the development of renewable energy for electricity generation.
  • For meeting the stringent emission caps, the power companies should adopt additional emission reduction measures
  • Installation of flue gas desulphurization systems and denitrification systems for coal-fired units
  • Increase the usage of low-emission coal and natural gas for electricity generation.


Once these measures come into execution, there will be a reduction in the emissions from power plants.


Reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions


VOCs are present in a lot of products such as solvent-based paints, printing inks, consumer products, organic solvents and petroleum products. Along with the motor vehicles, these products also release VOCs which can cause air pollution and smog.To reduce the emission of VOC the Government needs to implement the measures to control petrol vapour which releases during petrol loading and refilling.


Also, you can avoid using products such as hairsprays, deodorants, insecticides and air fresheners. You can use water based paints in place of solvent based paints. If you are willing to use solvent based products then you can apply them with rollers or brushes instead of sprayers which will reduce the use of thinners. This will help in minimizing overspray and wastage.




For protecting the ozone layer consumption of gases like  halogenated hydrocarbon, methyl bromide and nitrous oxide should be avoided. These gases are dangerous to the ozone layer. Also minimize the use of cars by using the process of carpooling. The best transport, bicycle, or walking. Many cleaning products are harmful to the environment and species.Do not use such cleaning products. Try to buy local products. You do not consume the food that has travelled long distances.Keep  maintaining air conditioners, if they malfunction it will  cause CFC to escape into the atmosphere.




The government should take action regarding air pollution.On an individual level, the old and the young suffer from the respiratory diseases. They are vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. The problems are diverse but there is a need to recognise them. There is a need to control the pollutants to maintain the environment for the future generations.


We hope you understood the sources, causes and solutions to air pollution. Along with the government you also have to prevent the things which will pollute the air.

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