In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans taught leadership quality through examples. By narrating the schooling of persian boys, it was shown that leadership quality comes through the moral qualities. Moral qualities include the sense of justice and gratitude towards others. In human history, leadership plays a vital role. There were many heroes as leaders who glorified the victory and saved the future generations.

In today’s fast pacing and robust world where trends keep changing even faster than the seasons, the definition of leadership has gone through certain changes itself. Leadership, in its traditional terminology, isn’t just about guiding a force of employees on the path of organization’s success. It has gained more prominent meaning in the last few decades.

Leadership is more about inspiring, caring, resilience, self – awareness, being empathetic towards employees, accepting changes. And when you add the phenomena of society into leadership, that’s how we can come up with the concept of Social Leadership.

In this article, let’s have a look at social leadership as an inspirational guide.


It is very difficult to attempt a definition of leadership. For a leader, it is very important to understand the existence of a team. Social leadership skills can be acquired by building relationships. Relationships are an essential part in any organisation. A social leader should have the audacity to lead a team and cultivate trust among the members of a team. A good leader has the ability to treat all the members equally and provide them right to present their thoughts and ideas.

The true meaning of Social leadership is to devote one’s talents to improve the society. The leaders are the persons who inspire and hold the position of power and influence. Social leaders serve and bless others. They make the world beautiful and deepen the life experiences of people. They help to protect freedom and preserve peace.

A leader has the ability to create a new atmosphere and achieve goals. Leadership helps the organisation to achieve the targets all together.


The concepts of power and leadership are misconstrued. They both have different meanings but have things in common. As it is said, “ a leader is a one who has the power and authority” but this does not conclude that they both are similar. Leadership is a broader term in comparison to power. Power, authority are the instruments. It is not mandatory that a leader should rely on these instruments. The main quality a leader should have is to inspire and motivate people. Leadership is affected by teammates and situations. A leader has to react according to the situations. The behaviour of the influencers also affects the leadership.

A person is born with skills and qualities. Some people are born with leadership quality. Without teammates there can be no leader.


For Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the co founders of Apple Computer, the battlefield was business and the weapon of choice was the personal computer. The revolution of personal computers was growing when Wozniak built the Apple I. For people, technology  was seen as the tool for business. Computers were too complicated and out of the price range of the average individuals.  But Wozniak saw the computer as a path for corporation. The personal computer could change the way the world operates. Wozniak designed the Apple I, and improved the technology with Apple II, to be affordable and simple to use.

Only a Great idea and a great product can’t assure that people will buy it. There is a need for skills and qualities too. Wozniak’s best friend at the time, 21 years old Steve Jobs, knew exactly what to do. He was experienced in selling electronics parts, so he was proved to be a salesman. He started a journey to change the world by building a company. Apple became an instrument to begin this revolution.

In the first year, with the manufacturing of only one product, Apple was succeeded in making million dollars in revenues. In the fourth year of business they sold around 100 million worth of computers. And after six years, Apple became a billion dollar company having 3,000 employees.

Jobs and Wozniak were not the only people taking part in the personal computer revolution. They weren’t the only smart guys in the business; in fact, they didn’t know much about business at all. The success behind Apple company is the similar pattern repeated again and again. It was not about the ability to think differently about the computers.

If you see the history related to Martin Luther King. his experiences were not different or unique, yet he inspired the world’s people to change. Neither everyone is perfect nor he was. Along with him many people suffered in pre – civil rights America but he was the only one who knew how to inspire people.

He knew that this civil rights movement will succeed when there will be a change. There is a need of inspiration and motivation through rousing words.

Research has also found that many people want to work for a good boss instead of earning more money. Becoming a boss for the people who react according to the situations leads the way to become a better leader. All these above examples can help you to enhance the leadership skills and become a social leader.


The ability to attract so many people and inspire them is a quality of a leader.

A leader is a person who attracts people by his speech, actions or decisions. A leader has high moral values and  believes. There is a need to increase the leadership as the scandals are increasing in the organisations. A leader has to sense things. Leadership helps to boost the productivity in employees. Focus on the skills and work to become a good leader.

We hope you understood the essence of the title social leadership- an inspirational guide importance of leadership and how it can change the atmosphere of the corporate world.

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