On 25th December, Lord Jesus Christ was born, the central figure of Christianity. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is the festival of Christmas. During this time, people party and exchange gifts with their close ones. The highlights of this festival are decorating the Christmas tree and Santa Claus giving gifts to the children.

Think Before You Celebrate Without Listening To Your Inner Concise:

During the fun and enjoyment of human beings, what is the fault of flora and fauna? Why are we killing the environment?

No matter, it is Christmas or Diwali. As we proceed towards the festive season of the year, all we can see is pollution. Cutting of trees, burning of crackers, dumping of garbage, and what not?

We lose our consciousness while we enjoy and completely forget that our activities can adversely impact our surroundings. The carbon levels are continuously increasing, and oxygen is continuously decreasing.

For the Christmas celebration, We cut 15,094,678 in the US alone. You cannot even imagine the count if we consider the number globally. We can find online and offline awareness campaigns all across the world campaigns, but there is no remarkable difference. After Christmas, the same tree is of no use, and we can find the beautiful dead flora dump in dustbins.

We can convince ourselves to repeat such mistakes only if we do not understand the benefits of a Christmas tree or do not care about the future.

Apart from adding a glorious look to your verandah, the Christmas tree has lakhs of benefits towards the environment.  The name ‘road to green and eco-friendly Christmas itself indicates that in this article, you will learn how you can celebrate this Christmas in an environmentally friendly way. From here, you start taking the first step towards eco-friendly Christmas. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a Christmas tree:

Advantages OF Living Christmas Trees:

  • A fully developed Christmas tree absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide and other gases to emit fresh oxygen into the environment. One hundred thousand acres of Christmas farms store 80,000 tonnes of carbon-di-oxide, making the environment healthy.
  • Christmas trees help to stabilize the soil.
  • It reduces the chance of fire in the surroundings during the festive season.
  • They are also helpful in controlling water supplies.
  • A living Christmas tree acts as a renewable resource for the environment. Every single tree that you harvest leaves two-three seedlings behind.
  • It supports creating a shelter for wildlife.
  • If you plant Christmas trees in the proper landscape, it can control energy consumption on your property. The cost of artificial cooling and heating reduces significantly.

All the above things might sound meagre, but have generous support in keeping the environment healthy. Changes in the scenario for festivals or any other reason can create severe calamity. To stop these natural disasters, we have to start changing now. Small variations in our habit can make a huge difference.

Making small changes in our actions can celebrate Merry Christmas for not even human beings but entire living organisms. To support life, let’s take a pledge today for a green and eco-friendly Christmas.

Different Ways To Celebrate Green and Eco-Friendly Christmas

After Christmas is over, all the trees used for the decorations are trash. Imagine your ten years of hard work to reach a level zero. Can you accept it?

Decorating Christmas is a tradition followed for many years, but do you know it takes ten years for a Christmas tree to reach maturity? Without thinking twice, we kill them in an instant to decorate.

Have you ever thought of finding an alternate? Using artificial trees or not cutting the trees will not impact our tradition or celebration in any way? Are we not aware of the techniques and replacements that can save the environment, or is it merely ignorance?

Though we know it, let’s revise the ways that can help celebrate green and eco-friendly Christmas.

Make Use of  LED Christmas Lights:

LEDs are more environment friendly as compared to traditional twinkling lights. Do you know that you can reduce energy consumption units and save on power bills too? If you use solar-powered lights outside your house. You can even save lives. Make your choice for decorating lights accordingly.

Choosing Right or Environment-Friendly Crackers:

For a more sustainable celebration of Christmas, you can buy eco crackers.

What are eco crackers?

Green Crackers or Eco Crackers are firecrackers with no harmful chemicals. These are also helpful in reducing pollution. The usage of green crackers will reduce the emission of toxic gases, leading to reduced air pollution. Here are a few examples of eco crackers:

  1. A Safe water releaser
  2. Safe thermite cracker
  3. Safe minimal aluminum

FYI, you can find all of them easily in your nearby stores.

Bring a Living Christmas Tree Home This Season:

You need a Christmas tree for the Celebration. Living or dead might not make a difference to you, but it does to the environment. Nurseries are the best place where you can find the perfect tree. Instead of a cut tree, you can purchase a living tree.

You might have to treat it a little more delicately. It is more massive compared to cut trees, but with small efforts, it is feasible to bring them home. Make sure to choose the size according to the use.

Care For Survival of The Living Christmas Tree:

As you read, the live trees are more delicate compared to cut trees. The reason behind more care is the survival of trees. The time you take in transportation can be significant. Make sure that tree survives until you plant it back. So you need to take more care of it. Try to keep the tree in a cool place. While decorating the tree, don’t put more pressure on the tree. Ask for the dos and don’t by a Gardner at the time of purchase.

Tree Rental Service:

You don’t have to place a Christmas tree after Christmas? Well, that is not an excuse to cut trees. You might find various service providers around you who offer tree rental service.

A tree rental service allows you to lease a tree for a particular duration. Once Christmas is over, you can give that tree back. You do not have to take pain for handling the tree and maintaining it, yet you can celebrate your festival with joy.

If you purchase a cut tree, you cannot plant it again after Christmas is over. If you want to celebrate Christmas without harming the environment, then start buying living trees or get it from a tree rental service.

Your small smart move can save thousands of trees from being cut. You can also promote the idea with people in your neighbourhood or anyone within your reach.

Remember, ” Where There is a Will, There is a Way”

Our environment is our first home. It is our combined responsibility to take care of the same. I do take a pledge for the Eco-Friendly Christmas Celebration, do you?


All over the world, Christmas is an extraordinary and loved festival by all. There are many things to learn about Christmas. Every country has a different way of celebrating Christmas. Well, all you need to understand is that trees are significant for our nature. Try to implement the above methods of Christmas celebration this year; you will love your effort in conserving life.

Stay Happy and Celebrate Eco-Friendly Christmas. Comment if you have better ideas for controlling pollution during festivals. Let us take small steps to grow together. Social Pillars always stand by you for the overall upliftment of society.

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