Nowadays, the most trending word is racism. After marking the differences based on caste, creed, color, and other factors, there is a discovery of new racism named ageism. Growing old is something human beings cannot control. Every living organism on this earth will grow older with time. The question that arises here is why people are afraid of growing older? At the age of 50, why does a person think that his or her life will end? Why can’t that person believe that 50 is the start of a new half Life? Ageism allows the younger generations to see older people differently. To change this, we must understand that we have to make efforts to stop racism based on ageism.

In this article, we try to come up with a solution to the above questions. Here you will get to know more about ageism, the new racism?

At what age does a person grow older?

For different people, there are different ages of growing older. Some people think that 50 is growing older, whereas others think that the age for developing older is 60 or 70. Some people believe after they grow old, they can qualify for the senior’s card. Some even think that they will grow older when they have their grandchildren.

All the above statements mean that there is no particular age for growing older. No agreement will tell a person when he is going to be old.

The questions, if there is no particular age, then why a person thinks that he is growing older. Here is the answer- ‘society.’

For example, if a person of age 50 has done something wrong mistakenly, that person will be called a silly old burger by some people.

When a child is born, that child is dependent on parents until the age of 20. Parents fulfill all the needs of that child. When children are older, their parents need them. Every stage of life is equally important and should be treated equally in every aspect. Why can’t people treat old age naturally? Why is old age so hyped? Let’s check out certain myths related to ageism.

The wrong things

There is a defeatist mentality related to ageism in our society. People can’t accept that they will also get older at some particular point of time in their lives. So, they start criticizing the older people.

Judging people without knowing about them is the wrong thing. Some people say the children and young adults are wiser than older people. The truth is the older people are more experienced and more intelligent than young adults. It’s all about the mentality a person is having from his or her childhood. You have to understand the person and treat him or her as an individual irrespective of age, caste or color.

People treat old age as a disease. Old age is not a disease. Evidence for this myth is the health system. The health system is run by pharmaceutical companies and they will ensure you there is no medicine for old age. In this world, nobody wants to talk about death. People are afraid of dying. This is the biggest reason why people feel guilty about getting old. If, as an older person, you are willing to change the mentality, here below is the solution, i.e., social media. Let’s have a closer look at how social media will help to stop ageism.

The social media

The media plays a vital role in changing perceptions of the people as people fought for feminism, racism or sexism. So why can’t older adults fight for ageism? They can share their views through social media with others. It can be helpful to more senior people and improve the mentality of young ones. Youngsters can have better opinions and ideas related to ageism.

As individuals, older people have the right to respect, given access to work opportunities and medical support.

If you care about equality, fight ageism.

There are two types of people: one who will think ageism is new racism while others will think it is not racism. The only difference between the other ‘ism’ and ageism is, everyone will be a victim of ageism.

Conclusion– Never accept if you see someone treating others differently because of their age. You have to stop ageism. Also, you shall recognize when you act ageist. If each one of us will stop ageism, then slowly it will disappear from society. As we all know, at some particular point in time, we all are being ageist.

Now it is up to us is ageism new racism for us, or we stand with what is right. It’s all in mind. We hope you understood the concept of ageism, and we also hope you will surely try to stop this practice in our society.

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