In recent years, more Global NCAP tests have been performed to inform people about the cars being unsafe in India in comparison to almost any other road safety awareness campaign. The people in India are becoming smarter. According to the research people in metro cities are buying the safer variants of cars. In India, when it comes to safety, there is no strict code of conduct. Still, the government is creating new car safety which is set to adopt soon. In this article you will get to know about the new safety norms for cars in detail. These norms will help the next generation to make the driving environment safe for the people and their families.

According to the news, a new road safety bill will be passed by the government which will include penalizing people who will break the rules. Penalty will be in both the terms fine as well as jail. Apart from the individual cars, the government is also focusing on manufacturers. The government is also ensuring that the new cars should be manufactured keeping in mind the safety measures and global safety standards.

Since 1 October 2019, all the new cars manufactured are equipped with driver side airbags, ABS, reverse parking sensors, and speed warning system to increase the safety. These norms are not only made for the occupants safety but also for the pedestrians safety. From October 2020, all the car manufacturers have to manufacture the cars accordingly. The pedestrian safety norms are applicable to all the new cars after October 2018 and will be applicable to all the cars from October 2020.

The government of India is emphasising more on safety measures as safety is always neglected by the people in India. For safer vehicles, authorities should be given the credit as they focused more on safety. Now, people have become responsible and have also started prioritizing safety over the budget. In the upcoming decade there are increased expectations from the automotive industry related to electric mobility and norms.

This alteration towards safety measures started from 2016 where safety norms were made for pedestrians. All these norms will be made applicable to all the types of cars from the year 2020.

Lets checkout the detailed structure of the new car safety norms.


  • Facilities like installation of sensors at the vehicle’s front for the safety for pedestrians.These sensors will facilitate sending of information to its control unit, which will enable the bonnet to lift up a few cms which creates an air gap between hood and engine, thus reducing the damage. It is essential as per the safety norms for the bonnet to be redesigned to curtail the impact. These were applicable to all new cars from 2018, now from the year 2020 they will be implemented on all the new manufactured cars.
  • According to the application of norms, all the cars will be equipped with airbags, speed warning systems, seat belt reminders,ABS to all the cars from october 1, 2019. Every car will be provided with the central locking and also child locks.
  • For the protection of drivers, norms are created. These norms include protection from the steering intervention (speed 50km/h) and also the protection of occupant from frontal collision. These norms are applicable on all the cars from the same year.
  • Since october 2018,the norms created regarding the protection of pedestrians from the collision are made applicable on new cars and are strictly to be followed from 2020 on all cars.
  • The Government is considering safety and is focusing on providing ESC and AEB on all models from 2022-23.

CONCLUSION- These reports attempt to contribute towards road safety. It is hoped that this information  will inspire and facilitate the cooperation, innovation and commitment towards preventing road traffic fatalities around the world. Road accidents can be predicted as well as prevented. In order to tackle this problem, there is a need to coordinate and collaborate through an integrated approach with discipline. All these measures will help to save lives. This is the time to act. All the road users deserve to travel safely on roads. We hope you understood the new safety norms for cars and also you will follow them.

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