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Often we complain about the humidity, polluted air, and breathing issues due to unhealthy air. Well, nagging can never be a solution for anything. Are we doing anything for the improvisation of the condition?

If you think that the government shall take control of all the things, it is not possible. With a population of over 1.38 billion, where everyone is contributing to pollution, not any authority with limited operators can control it.

It is a joint responsibility of every citizen of the country. Also, you would realise that; you can easily create a healthy environment in your surroundings if you understand the IMPORTANCE OF TREES.

Every single tree is a natural filter. Let us understand the benefits of planting the trees and how it is useful for the betterment of the community.

Importance of Trees; For You and Everyone Around You:

Apart from the rainforests, woodlands, and collection of the trees in modern settings, that is, parks; trees in and around your home have equivalent paybacks. Apart from its natural benefits like:

  • Being the most vital source of oxygen
  • Absorbing carbon-di-oxide
  • Stabilizing the soil
  • Providing shelter to the wildlife,

There exist various SOCIAL BENEFITS OF PLANTING TREES, economic welfares, and environmental aids too. When we bow a seed, we plant health for our planet. Even if you plant a tree outside your home, just for decor purposes, you are contributing to your family, community, nation, and ultimately life.

Community Benefits of Planting Trees:

Surrounding your community with trees and having a dedicated place for plants in your home can keep the pollution level low if not in your city, but your society. We can see the air quality indexes of sub-urban places and villages are much higher than in developed cities. Why? It is because there exists a dedicated green belt in that area.

Farming, plantation and other things help in maintaining the oxygen levels and reducing the harmful carbon content in the air. If every individual decides to plant the trees around them and every society chooses to do the same, together, we can keep our developed cities also safe.

The pollution we create today does not only impact our present but our upcoming generations too.

If you take it on as personal benefits:

  •  It is useful for creating privacy at your home
  •  Safeguarding your from additional heat and keeping your home cool
  •  Considerably enhancing the exteriors of your architecture
  •   You get the scenic and natural atmosphere in urban communities

Environmental Benefits of Planting The Trees:

Our planet survives with an ecological balance between flora and fauna. Imbalance in either of them can disturb life entirely and put a question on the existence of the earth. Flora or plants are not harmful to society in any way. Also, animals other than a man cannot cause any damage to the environment.

The entire disturbance on the planet is due to the selfish needs of man. Well, there is no harm in development, but if it leads to harmful impacts, we have to think about it once. All we need is to follow the rule of ‘A Tree for a Tree.’ If you have to cut a tree for any use, plant a tree before it.

Here, check the mentions below to understand the Importance of Trees for the environment:

  • Trees moderate the temperatures of the surroundings, and thus it does not touch the extreme   limits
  •  Compact tree foliage in urban areas keep it safe from natural calamities like speedy   windbreak or rainfall that might further result in a flood
  •  The leaves of the trees filter the air we breathe by consuming the dust, harmful particles, and    releases the oxygen
  •   Trees absorb and stores the carbon-di-oxide; it consumes all the harmful emits to control          global warming
  •   Trees are not only useful to control air pollution, but also help with suppressing noise                pollution.

P.S. One tree absorbs 48 pounds of carbon in a year; it is twice the emission of a car in a year.

Health Benefits of Planting The Trees:

Trees are the source of producing organic and natural products. Right from herbs, shrubs, and long trees, most of the trees have several health benefits.

  • Over 40% of the floral species have medicinal properties
  • Several species of plants have antiseptic features capable of healing the most severe wounds
  • Within minutes of surrounding yourself by  trees your heart rate, blood pressure and stress level lowers down to healthy desired levels
  • Green help with enhancing your eyesight

Social Benefits of Trees:

Social connectivity and networking are better between like-minded people. There are several social benefits of planting the trees.

  • It describes the distinctive character of a place, your society, and reflects a local pride
  • Urban woodland can be highly popular for educational purposes or bringing people together for several social activities
  • Planting trees and making a park in the community can also help in getting a healthy playground for children
  • Exercising, walking, good health, and all other good habits you can build along with friends with common interests when trees make a recreational place for you

Economic Benefits of Planting Trees:

When we are talking about the Importance of Trees, we cannot ignore economic advantages. If you plant trees apart from its perks for the society, it has several financial benefits for an individual.

  • Only planting the trees around your property can increase its worth to three times of investment.
  • If you plant the trees strategically, it can reduce the air-conditioning bill to 56%.
  • The cost of the same property size in the same locality is 10% higher if it has lawn, or trees in it.
  • You can save the cost of installing an artificial air purifier in your home.
  • Trees produce several fruits, flowers, and other usable. You can plant useful trees and monetise its bi-products.

Final Words:

The benefits of trees are unlimited. In the article, you can find a few that offer advantages to every individual.

So, if you cannot plant a tree thinking of the society, community, nation, or life on earth; fo it for yourself. Yes, your contribution matters, because each tree consumes 53 tons of carbon and 430 pounds of various other air pollutants.

Importance of Trees is for the existence of life. The matter is serious, and it is an alarming stage for every responsible living being. Stay tuned for more updates and DIYs that can save our environment.

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