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Since the spread of global pandemic across the world, there is no standard procedure for exams and studies. UGC is also changing its guidelines from time to time, leaving no clarity for the students. The recent update in the UGC announcement has led to #SayNoToUGCGuidelines campaigns on social media.

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All the student’s Twitter handles after the declaration of the exams for the final year students, flood with #SayNoToUGCGuidelines. Also, the parents and educators are in support of them. For the past three months, there is no assurance about the examination.

Last-minute updates of the exams have led the students in immense pressure. It is not only the mental pressure but a high risk to life too. During the Covid-19 situation, it is not safe for students to travel to the colleges and appear for the exams.

All the citizens are blaming MHRD, i.e. Ministry of Human Resources Development, for allowing the decision.

With each day increase in Covid 19 cases, India is now the third most affected country by COVID. The decision by UGC is a considerable risk to the life of students. It leads to the add-on of another popular hashtag on twitter, that is #StudentsLivesMatters. If we talk about Maharashtra alone, there are over 9 lakh students. If we consider the students from all over the world, the count would be huge.

Even the top Bollywood celebrities have joined the movement of #CancelFinalYearExams, and #SayNoToUGCGuidelines.

Some of the students even threw stones with words asking the government to open the Parliament first. Everyone has a big question, why the government is ready to risk student life when everyone else around has all the instructions to be at home as long as possible. However, the state government are yet to take their take on UGC Guideline.

Social Pillars’s Say:

While our country is fighting against the Covid-19 Pandemic boldly, no life should be at risk. There can be better ways to manage the continuity of education and still keep students away from the reach of the virus.

Students shall be given time. Unwanted stress may lead to poor mental health, which is not at all desirable.

Hope the government understands the concern of students and come up with a moderate decision that is issued in the public interest.

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