Nayi Dishaa

Nayi Dishaa

“Nayi Dishaa” is a education program to make a maximum impact to provide education for urban area children’s who are not having enough resources to get the quality education. This program is organized by Social pillars in collaboration with Shiksha sawaraj NGO. Program is primarily designed by Shiksha Swaraj founding team Mrs Ananya Pathak and Mr Vikash Sharma.

Shiksha Swaraj (शिक्षा स्वराज) is an educational endeavour (library, learning and resource center) aimed at establishing and realizing the goal of self-reliance or Swaraj through the light of education. Shiksha Swaraj brings creative pedagogies and learning to underserve communities-primarily Dalit and Maha-Dalit students in Madhopur village in Bihar. Shiksha Swaraj seeks to arouse faculties of learning in each child in an environment based on empathy, constant dialogue, meaningful yet relaxed learning and creative participation. The centre currently serves 100 students through in-person and remote learning.

Nayi Disha Seeks to arouse faculties of learning in each child in an environment based on empathy, constant dialogue, meaningful yet relaxed learning and creative participation.
This program will caters to children from economically and socially marginalized backgrounds typically, to first-generation learners with no familial support and guidance as far as their academic-learning environment is concerned.
The need of Nayi Dishaa Program becomes even greater in an ecosystem where the local village school in which most of our students are enrolled is largely dysfunctional and non-operative. The absence of an accessible and functioning school often leads to students prematurely dropping out, early entry into the workforce and early marriages. A 2019 UNICEF report suggests 43% of the young women were married before the age of 18 years.
This Program will focus on delivering lessons and concepts in basic numeracy, literacy and curricular subjects through its distinct pedagogy that is child centric and focuses on not just the mental but also the physical and psyhic development of the child.

Theory of Change:

A departure from conventional schooling and its mechanical process of instructional education, the Shiksha Swaraj curriculum simultaneously integrates the cultivation and development of the mental, vital, physical and psychological being of children as learners to sharpen their thinking, reasoning, analytical abilities, self-confidence, empathy, and self-knowledge, allowing them to design and work towards meaningful occupations and livelihoods which they might like to pursue in adult life.

Social Pillars support the great initiative and wish to take the program to the PAN India level through our platform so that the maximum children can benefit from the same.

Who Can Join Us?

● NGOs working in the Educational sector and ready to expand their hands to serve the community as per our unique model.
● Volunteers who possess a love for teaching, the ones who can teach children without bias and maintain an empathetic approach.
● Educators who have a notch for travel volunteering and can travel with these underprivileged children to introduce the existing diversity in the country.
● Experienced teachers who can develop a pedagogy rich academic curriculum for the holistic development of children.
● Volunteers interested in teaching virtually.
● Educational trainers who are ready to connect with our volunteers to maintain synchronized learning across all our centres.
● Volunteering for interactive online sessions with teachers, storytellers, filmmakers, artist and other resource persons from around the country.

The ultimate change can be achieved when we put efforts together toward a common goal.

If our initiative interests you, call +91- 93055-67163 for further information on how to associate with Social Pillars for a strategic alliance for the program

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